The Trentonian is looking to partner with local businesses to mutually increase social media outreach through giveaways using the rafflecopter application.

Do you want to expand the reach of your social media platforms? At the Trentonian, we sure do, and maybe there’s a way we can help each other out. The following is an idea we’d like to explore and we’re looking for any interested businesses who might want to try it out with us.

The concept is simple. The Trentonian will partner with local businesses who offer some product or service up for a raffle. The Trentonian will create the raffle on Rafflecopter using their giveaways as the prizes. The raffle widget will then be embedded into articles published daily throughout the timeframe of the contest and promoted on the Trentonian facebook and twitter accounts. The participating business can also promote the raffle widget in anyway they see fit. Entries to the contest will be made by following the social media accounts of the Trentonian and the participating business. At the end of the contest period, a winner will be selected randomly by the Rafflecopter program and contacted via email and facbook by the Trentonian. The winner will be directed to contact the business in whatever manner they choose to arrange for the awarding of the prize.

Example: A local restaurant offers a $50 gift certificate as a prize. We write a brief article explaning the prize, mentioning the business, and describing the entry process on The article will contain an embedded raffle widget. We then post links to the story on our facebook page and twitter account, along with a prize giveaway tab on our Facebook page. The restaurant does the same. Our readers who are interested in the prize can enter directly from the article page, through the embedded widget, wherever they find it. They enter by liking or following our social media accounts as well as the restaurant’s. When the contest ends, we select a random winner and contact them through email and social media. We direct the winner to get in touch with the designated contact person from the restaurant to arrange transfer of the prize. Once the winner has been confirmed and transfer of the award has been arranged, we publish a story congratulating the winner.

The goals: For us, the hope would be to gain new followers of our social media platforms. Using the offered prize as an incentive, the new followers could come from people reading the article on who do not yet follow the platforms, readers who follow us on Facebook but not Twitter and vice-versa, along with followers of the business’ social media accounts. For the partnering business, the benefits would be the same, with the hope that our reach as a local media outlet would help to provide further exposure to the raffle and the business than they would obtain by simply promoting on their own web site and social media accounts. currently sees between 50,000 and 100,000 page views per day on average, with roughly 8,000 likes on Facebook and 9,700 followers on Twitter.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, get in touch with me, Joe D’Aquila, online editor at the Trentonian, at, or find him on Facebook at If you’re interested, I can quickly set up a test raffle to show you how it would all work.
I look forward to working with you.

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