Here are a few housekeeping items:

– Email with your business info and a preferred category to go in our member directory.

– The member newsletter will go out at the beginning of each month. Please email any content you’d like to include by the 1st of the month. Here’s the newsletter to give you an idea of what to send:

See below for more about your member benefits and the Facebook group, which is also an option to join.

MEMBER  Status

  • All Subscriber Status benefits
  • Invitations to all in-person meetings for no additional fee
  • Permission to submit content to be included in the newsletter (sales, promotions, upcoming events, blog posts, client news, etc). The newsletter is published on the Business page of
  • PR leads for local and national opportunities. Additionally, members are referred for business inquiries and opportunities first over subscriber-only members.
  • Receive “client” emails from Hilary Morris that draw attention to the latest news and updates in social media and marketing

Facebook Group: If you would like to interact with other entrepreneurs and independent retailers in the Great Mercer, NJ area, email with your business name and info and then click here to join the group. There we swap ideas, tips and more. Please see below for our group guidelines. If you are already a Facebook group member, you can ignore the request.

Group Guidelines

The Facebook group is free for anyone who wishes to connect with other small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is a place to share ideas, helpful articles and tips. We do have guidelines in place that include no self-promotion (e.g. sharing sales, promotions, blog posts and upcoming events), however we have “sharing days” for members to promote away! Click here to download the complete guidelines for your reference. We also have a monthly newsletter that will serve as a platform for registered members ($75/yr) to share news, promotions and events.

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