Change is in the works. CoffeeTalk is scaling back and changing its model. We will no longer be running on a membership-fee model and instead will return to where we began: coffee and conversations. We will continue to meet every other month on Fridays, but will join for causal conversation about business topics at various coffee shops in the area. Make sure you are subscribed to the CoffeeTalk newsletter to stay informed when and where we will meet. If you would like to engage with professionals on a regular basis, make sure to take part in the Facebook group. Keep reading below for how to get started.


There are a few options for you as a subscriber to the CoffeeTalk list.

Email Subscriber: You can join as an email subscriber to receive our meeting invites and the monthly newsletter, which includes business tips and member news.  Sign up through the form on the homepage

Facebook Group: If you would like to interact with other entrepreneurs and independent retailers in the Great Mercer, NJ area, click HERE to join our group. There we swap ideas, tips and more. Please see below for our group guidelines.

Group Guidelines
The Facebook group is free for anyone who wishes to connect with other small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is a place to share ideas, helpful articles and tips. We do have guidelines in place that include no self-promotion (e.g. sharing sales, promotions, blog posts and upcoming events), however we have “sharing days” for members to promote away! Click here to download the complete guidelines for your reference.


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